Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Did anyone order a stork?

Have you ever heard people say that pregnant women have this glow to them? 
Well it's true!
I love my family and i love them even more when they want photos!:) My cousin asked for not a couple shoot, now a family shoot, but a maternity shoot! Some of my favorite photos to take!!! (if you can't tell i have a lot of "favorites"). In the photos she was absolutely glowing. Her and her hubby are going to make amazing parents to baby Luke! oh and for these few photos below, a couple of them are black and white. There's moments when I'm in love with black and white and moments when I'm not but for this shoot they were amazing.
& congrats to Susie and Ruben!

Do you see the glow?!

There's the glow again!

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