Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Did anyone order a stork?

Have you ever heard people say that pregnant women have this glow to them? 
Well it's true!
I love my family and i love them even more when they want photos!:) My cousin asked for not a couple shoot, now a family shoot, but a maternity shoot! Some of my favorite photos to take!!! (if you can't tell i have a lot of "favorites"). In the photos she was absolutely glowing. Her and her hubby are going to make amazing parents to baby Luke! oh and for these few photos below, a couple of them are black and white. There's moments when I'm in love with black and white and moments when I'm not but for this shoot they were amazing.
& congrats to Susie and Ruben!

Do you see the glow?!

There's the glow again!

1 year down...

This adorable little one is named Addie!
One of my close friends asked me to take photos of her niece's first birthday and i couldn't resist! Addie is the cutest 1 year old girl ever! (for the record i have a 1 year old nephew, and my only niece is 2 ha!). Of course taking photos of babies is SO difficult, but with enough distractions, letting them take their needed naps, and after enough frames you have the perfect photo! Check out some of my favorites from the day down below!

my love for this photo is infinite!

birthday naps for the birthday girl

"Home is wherever I'm with you"

The Ramos Family

So lets take it back to the holidays...
Yes, believe it or not my sister wanted these as her Christmas photos! Talk about Christmas in California! To be completely honest, Family photo shoots are some of the hardest. Not only is it a huge group but you're also working with kids of different ages and lets not start with their crazy personalities! Nonetheless, family photos are my favorites! It's awesome to capture every ones different personalities. After all, that's what makes a family a family. Sometimes the best pictures and memories aren't always the perfect ones.
Enjoy my a few photos down below :)

FYI, Jay gives the best kisses!

The Goldbergs

Hey again guys!
Meet The Goldbergs! A couple months ago my awesome cousin and her husband closed escrow on their first home. Of course they wanted to remember the moment so what's better than a photo shoot?! Unique photo shoots are always so fun! You can see some of my faves down below. I hope you love them as much as we do!

(isn't Billy the cutest?!)

Karina & Anthony

Hi guys! 
Welcome to my photo blog. This place is just to showcase some of my work to any of you who are interested in any photos. These photos below are of a good friend of mine and her boyfriend. Aren't they adorable?! I'm so thankful they allowed me to use them as models to set up a portfolio. We spent the afternoon at the Cerritos Library, specifically in the sculpture garden. It is such a beautiful space with great lighting! Below you can see a few of my favorites from that day. 

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